Chris Terrill
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‘Quite frankly Chris Terrill makes Bear Grylls look like Barbie’
Radio Times

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Chris Terrill, an anthropologist and geographer, is one of the UK's leading adventure documentary makers. Chris worked as an anthropologist for the International Disaster Institute, the UN and throughout the famine gripped and war ravaged areas of Africa, before moving into broadcasting at the BBC. There he made investigative documentaries and observational films and series about communities all over the world. After 20 years at the BBC, and with over 100 prime time films to his name, he left the corporation in 2003 to set up  his own company with Uppercut Films, and began to specialise in military and high adventure documentaries, while always concentrating on communities/groups and their internal dynamics.

With a string of awards to his name, Chris's unique combination of skills see him fully immersing himself amongst his subjects often for months at a time. From the award winning Soho Stories to Nature's Fury , a trilogy on the world's greatest storms and their impact on communities - his breadth of experience studying the human condition is extraordinary. In 2007, he documented and participated in the eight month rigorous training undertaken by Royal Marine Commandos for The 55 Year Old Commando (ITV), after which he followed the newly qualified recruits to the front line in Afghanistan for their first taste of real war. Terrill is the first civilian (and oldest person!) to complete and pass all four commando tests for which he was awarded an honorary green beret - his proudest possession. 

What the audience can expect
Drawing on his multitude of experiences, ranging from his immersion with the marines, both in training and then on the battlefield in Afghanistan, to an expedition to Everest with badly wounded servicemen, to the eight months he spent inside a women's prison or working with a team of dedicated firefighters all of whom were serving prisoners; Chris delivers a hugely inspiring and motivational talk with emphasis on the importance of not only personal endeavour, but leadership and team work. His experiences of existing on the edge of extremes, be it weather, war or physical endurance make him well equipped to talk about the importance of group dynamics and overcoming adversity in the face of extreme challenges. 

His presenting approach
An authentic inspiring storyteller, Chris's stories of redemption, courage and endurance come with key messages on the importance of good teamwork and establishing strong bonds. A highly charismatic, humorous and engaging public speaker, Chris captivates audiences and is very open and approachable at events.  


I asked Chris to speak at a large Security & Risk Management Networking event our company hosted at the London Edition. Chris spoke in front of over 200 security professionals of varying roles from Operatives through to Large company CEO's and did us proud to say the least. In the build up to the event the communication and organisation from Chris was excellent, this proved his passion and work ethic that helped the event run smoothly and efficiently. His speech was both engaging and exciting along with excellently timed delivery both personally and with the use of visual aids. Chris captured the crowd from the beginning and kept them entertained throughout. The feedback I received from the audience was exceptional, with most commenting on how enlightening and informative it was along with how approachable Chris was post speech. Chris's approach makes him a pleasure to work with and I wouldn't hesitate to use him again or refer him to others.

Aloma Watson, Security and Risk Management.

The talk was totally spellbinding and was undoubtedly one of the best the SRNOA has had. I received many favourable comments from our members. Chris is totally reliable and delivers a fluent and well-constructed lecture, I hope he will agree to give the SRNOA a lecture on another subject in the future.

RMW Oldfield, Lecture Secretary for the Southampton Royal Naval Officers Association

Further information
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