David Shukman
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BBC Science Editor, Author

Watch David's report on renewable energy and China for the BBC here. 

David is the BBC’s Science Editor, a post he has held since in 2012. He is acclaimed for his innovative reporting from the frontlines of global change.

Since joining the BBC back in 1983, he has held a series of key positions in the BBC reporting on conflicts, politics, research and environment.

For two years David covered The Troubles in Northern Ireland before being appointed Defence Correspondent, which took him to Berlin for the fall of the Wall, the Gulf, and some of the former Soviet Union’s most secret nuclear installations.

As Europe Correspondent based in Brussels, David covered the tensions between the UK and the EU. Later, as the BBC’s Science and Environment correspondent, he reported from more than 80 countries and pioneered the use of the latest technologies to become the first to broadcast live from a wide range of locations - including the heart of the rainforest in Brazil and the tiny Pacific island of Tuvalu.

What the audience can expect
David has won awards for transforming coverage from remote locations as diverse as the Arctic, the Antarctic and the Amazon and built up a wealth of insights and experience, from being the first reporter to walk on a new 'ice island' near the North Pole to becoming one of the first journalists to journey through the fabled North West Passage.

David presents clear explanations of the latest science with a vivid anecdotal style. As the BBC’s on-screen climate specialist during the Live Earth concerts, and a regular public speaker and conference chair, he’s hugely experienced and really enjoys connecting with an audience.

He has the ability to guide the corporate world through the challenging environmental and scientific issues facing business today and enables them to make positive changes to the way they operate in order to enhance economic and environmental effectiveness. 

David presents in English


'You were terrific, just the right approachable tone, great VTs and a convincingly independent view of the issue.'

British Phonographic Industry

'On behalf of the BPI board of management and our membership can I thank you for speaking so eloquently and passionately about the issues our industry face when it comes to the environment.  It was exactly the right tone and pitched at a level so that the general message was impactful as well as making sure they felt empowered to start thinking about changing their business model or personal approach.'

BPI LTD (British Recorded Music Industry)

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