Frank Gardner OBE
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Frank is the BBC's Security Correspondent. His personal story of survival combined with his extensive knowledge of Middle Eastern history and politics make for a compelling event.

Watch Frank Gardner's Ted Talk on the Middle East here.

Frank spent nine years as an investment banker in New York, London and Bahrain before switching to journalism and joining the BBC in 1995. Frank has reported extensively on the global ‘War on Terror’ in Guantanamo Bay, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East.  In 2004 Frank survived being shot six times at close range by Al-Qaeda terrorists in a Riyadh suburb in Saudia Arabia. He went on to write the best selling book Blood and Sand (Bantam, 2006), the poignant story of what can happen to your belief system when the culture you have embraced ends up trying to kill you. He was awarded an OBE in 2005 for services to journalism. In 2018 he was awarded the University of Southern California's Tommy Trojan Trophy for distinguished speaking.

What the audience can expect
Frank’s own personal story of survival combined with his extensive knowledge of Middle Eastern history and politics make for a compelling event.

His presenting approach
As a career broadcaster and a witty and gifted communicator, Frank shares his passion for the Middle East, travel and adventure. He draws on a unique perspective and understanding of both domestic and international security.

Frank presents in English.

Inspirational, Motivational, Compelling.


I cannot thank you enough for your inspired talk on Thursday evening. I have lost track of the number of people who said how brilliant you were and, as one person said: "If Frank could bottle that positive attitude he could make a fortune." I couldn't agree more.

Mrs Sarah Soar, Director, Brewin Dolphin Securities Limited

We were honestly delighted. At the risk of sounding too gushing, it was one of the best presentations I have heard. I am fascinated by the topic so possibly a little biased but I thought the whole thing was well balanced and intellectually stimulating. Excellent. Frank was relaxed and straight forward in his delivery. He put everyone at their ease very quickly.

Francesca Corsini, Threadneedle Asset Management

Frank was the perfect chairman for their event and his knowledge of security and terrorism was impressive. I really enjoyed listening to him speak... and his presence made the event.

Reed & Mackay

We were extremely fortunate to have Frank Gardner at our recent Pool Re dinner. Frank provided a fascinating and unique insight into some of the geo-political and security challenges that we face in these unprecedented times. As expected, Frank was inundated with questions from our guests and we received many thank you letters saying how much everyone had enjoyed the evening. I would most strongly recommend Frank as a speaker for similar events to ours or at larger venues.

Julian Enoizi, CEO Pool Reinsurance Company Ltd

Frank was a great public speaker: open, humorous and honest and his extensive knowledge and sympathy with the many countries and peoples of the region shone through all that he said.

Joanne Sagers, Dauntsey's School

An enormous thank you for giving us such a wonderful talk. It was inspiring on so many levels and we also valued the fresh insight on different issues, cultures and attitudes - both the good and the truly shocking. Your point about not wasting emotional energy on what you can't change will stay with me. Thank you also for answering the many questions so thoughtfully and openly. We've been inundated with positive feedback from those who attended.

Professional Services Network

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