Jane Young
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One of the UK’s first pioneers of social business, Jane Young believes we’re entering a new era of freedom, innovation and opportunity.

Watch Jane's talk on technology here. 

Jane Young is a technology entrepreneur and the founder of social business company Kanbee, using futurism and change expertise to help organisations redefine what it means to do business in the modern world. As one of the UK’s most experienced social business consultants she helps companies see beyond the hype of Facebook, Twitter and others, and look towards a bigger picture of how real-time, instant communications can drive growth in the information age. 

She grew up in Shetland, a windswept island half way between Scotland and Norway, where she was the only raver in the village. One of her mantras is 'rock your weirdness', which she applies to accelerating innovation in organisations; embracing individuality to deliver outstanding customer experience; and helping people who desire a life less ordinary, whom she calls ‘Black Sheep’, get healthy, happy and hideously successful.

What the audience can expect
Described as ‘a truly inspirational source of new ideas and approaches,’ who ‘truly belongs to the 21st century,’ Jane helps her audience understand the potential for exponential growth brought about by shifts in technology and society. She teaches her audience how to use their vulnerability and authenticity to fuel bold leadership and persuade and influence through the power of emotion. Jane breaks down the tools and mindset required to thrive in the Information Age, with roadmaps and lifehacks for getting more done by doing less.

Innovation, technology, creativity


In just a 45 minute session, Jane Young will equip your team with the tools they need to take a business onto a next level. Hear her speak and the confusing world of social media and new technology become huge opportunities rather than headaches. She has no interest in becoming a long-term part of your team – she will empower YOU to do it yourself and give your team the confidence they need to grow and develop. You will leave a session with Jane thinking anything is possible.

Mark Frith, Editor-in-Chief, Time Inc

A young woman from a remote Scottish island sees the future and writes it… Jane Young is a witty, warm and wise guide to the possibilities of social business, an inspirational speaker who will replace any fear of the future with joy for what might be.

Wayne Garvie, Chief Creative Officer, Sony Pictures

I saw Jane Young speak at Marketing Week’s Future of TV Advertising conference. For me it was the stand-out presentation of the day; thought provoking, insightful and very brave. A very different take than most of the industry insiders that also presented.

Benjamin Kaye, Head of Brand Communications, Dixons Retail

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