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Robert Crampton is an award-winning journalist - interviewer, columnist and feature writer. He is perhaps best known for his weekly confessional column Beta Male in The Times Saturday magazine.

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Growing up in suburban Hull in the 1970s, Robert developed a love-hate relationship with Hull City FC, dallied in minor criminal behaviour and discovered a taste for student politics. He went on to study PPE at Wadham College, Oxford, before joining The Times in 1991. He released his first book How to be a Beta Male (Doubleday, 2017) inspired by his weekly column Beta Male that he has been writing for The Times since 2001. 

What the audience can expect
As the author of a weekly column, Robert is bursting with amusing anecdotes on the minutiae of daily London life, ranging from the joys of fatherhood, to the stresses and strains of staying on the weight-loss wagon, to the wonders of spending hours pounding the London streets armed with a pedometer. Robert is also a prolific interviewer, having enjoyed the company of numerous politicians, Hollywood A-listers, leading sports starts and highly acclaimed authors - Tony Blair, David Cameron, Alex Ferguson, Rod Stewart and Andie MacDowell to name a few.

His presenting approach
Robert has a wonderfully witty and affable take on everyday human life. He is as likeable and down to earth in person as in print, and would make an ideal humorous after-dinner speaker. He is also available for chairing and compering events, and can offer valuable advice on handling the media and writing for an audience.

Robert presents in English.

Engaging, charismatic, humorous.

It was great to see the Charley Boorman story come to life in such an inspirational way. Robert has the master’s touch when it comes to getting to the heart of things.

Brendan Williams, Miller Brands

The Beta Male column is light in tone, insightful but unpretentious, and above all, just the right length. I always enjoy Crampton - a naturally funny, likeable, columnist. He's the kind of fellow you'd like to go for a beer with, so he'd make a good US President. It's a real drag when he's away and a substitute fills in for him.

Bryan Appleyard, The Sunday Times

Robert Crampton's work I really like. Somehow, he combines showmanship with something like self-effacement in a very entertaining way. To me he sounds like he's telling the truth, which is one of the most difficult things to pull off in journalism. His opinions sound hard-won and thought through, and that's to do with his prose style, which puts me in mind of what Orwell said about good prose being like a window.

Nigel Williams

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