Ruth Field
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Ruth Field aka The Grit Doctor is a criminal barrister turned bestselling author. A positive force for change, Ruth's raw enthusiasm and fearless approach to life's challenges is contagious.

Watch Ruth discuss her book Get Your Sh!t Together here. 

When criminal barrister Ruth Field was pregnant with twins she was put on an enforced running ban. In an atmosphere of anger and frustration, her formidable tough-talking alter ego -The Grit Doctor - and the bestselling book Run Fat B!tch Run (Sphere, 2014) were born.  Her subsequent books, Get Your Sh!t Together (Sphere, 2013) which tackles lifestyle woes and Cut The Crap (Sphere, 2015) which does exactly that with regards to our eating habits, are all written with The Grit Doctor's trademark tough-love-laced-with-laughs style. Ruth has applied the principle of Grit to all elements of her life, creating a successful brand and legions of followers along the way.

What the audience can expect 
An inspiring and motivational talk with Ruth sharing her insights on working out how to turn our lives around and really make it happen.  Key themes are the importance of nurturing connections, the use of gritty life experiences as fuel to succeed and the power of exercise to help us move forward in our lives. She is a brilliant motivator and can give you or your team a healthy Grit injection to get moving and maximise your potential. 

Her presenting approach 
Straight talking and brutally honest, Ruth has the power to capture audiences with her humour and mobilise them in their lives. Drawing on her experience as a criminal barrister, a mother and an author, she has a bank of amusing and uplifting anecdotes which she is willing to share. Ruth can be relied upon to engage her audience and deliver an energetic and inspiring session – however big, small or unusual the brief – leaving your team motivated and ready to make it happen for themselves.  Expect no prisoners. 
Ruth has spoken at numerous events, most recently: Facebook Dublin for International Women's Day; London's Management Today Inspiring Women's Conference and Fundraising for 'Only Connect' - a creative criminal justice charity for which Ruth is a trustee. Boutique-style events include: Tabitha Webb Talks; 'Grit Clinic pop-up' with Jean Queen Donna Ida; Grace Belgravia Q&A panel with Matt Roberts. 

Ruth presents in English.

Entertaining, motivational, driven, teamwork


Amusingly vicious, excellent advice all round.

Emma Thompson, Actor

A witty, no-nonsense read, it has us dusting off our trainers within seconds. Trust us when we say you'll be up and running in no time at all.


An entertaining, effective read... The book is genuinely funny, but it really does motivate too.

Zest Magazine

Ruth Field, with psychologist Alice Haddon, gave a fascinating talk on procrastination, offering fresh practical insights which left us fired up to be more efficient and productive at work and at home.

Veronique Salle Fertat, The Local Data Company

Thank you for making International Women's Day at Facebook such a great day. The feedback was very positive from all that attended your talk and you book signing.


Following the realisation that our fridge/cupboards at work were stocked with rubbish food and drinks, Ruth Field delivered a workshop on healthy eating in our office, working through the horror of the things we ate and drank. It was genuinely funny and motivating and left us all feeling inspired to eat less crap and move more! Feedback from the team was very positive, with several observing that what they really liked was that it was ‘non-preachy’ and several made changes to their diets which led to much healthier eating over the long term. We’ve also sorted out the contents of our fridge!' Ruth is a unique and highly motivating speaker. She uses humour to great effect, and is able to connect with her audience in a very personal way.

Barnaby Oswald, The Local Data Company

Further information
To find out what Ruth Field could bring to your event or to make a booking, please contact Alice Saunders.