Samantha Clarke
Speaker Profile

Happiness Consultant and Change-maker

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Samantha’s mission is to help companies and individuals by giving advice on the small things they can do to make a big difference to their happiness. She delivers this work via a portfolio career as a consultant, coach, podcaster, speaker and online educator. 

Her company Samantha& liberates tired company cultures from unhappy work environments by providing coaching and advisory services to companies and individuals on how to navigate the impact of technology on happiness at work, elevate emotional intelligence and build company culture, relationships and environments that support, retain and attract happy employees and teams. 

Trained in CTI & ORSC coaching methods, she has achieved big results working with an impressive list of clientele including Mediacom, Innocent, Shopify, Viacom, DADI, P&G, Dishoom and Harrods and many more. She has distilled over a decade of work experience, research & learning, instructing on personal & professional happiness, development & technology into founding the Growth and Happiness school. The School's goal is to help individuals discover, understand and implement tried & tested growth and happiness strategies that work for business and life. Elevating everyone and leaving no-one behind. 

Her podcast series Conversations with Samantha& - sees Samantha geek out with philosophers, technologists, heads of people & talent, start up founders and communication experts on the impact of technology on our happiness in work, life and our cities. Guests have included Oliver Burkman, Pamela Pavliscak and Tim Lebretcht. 

What the audience can expect

Samantha is at her happiest delivering talks and masterclasses - she is a faculty lecturer at The School of Life and often delivers talks for The Guardian, Soho House Group and Stylist Live. You'll walk out of a workshop with Samantha having gained an understanding of how what you’re learning will fuel your happiness and success and practical knowledge and tools to transfer your learning into your own work and life.

You can learn:

• How to build better (work) relationships
• About the impact of technology on our happiness at work (and life)
• How to achieve ‘Happiness @ Work’
• Leadership awareness - how are you perceived?
• How to build a portfolio career
• How to overcome fear and grow in confidence
• How to build creative, motivated and resilient teams
• About multi-generational workforces- how to make it work
• About the future of work
• About branding for successful talent attraction
• How to seek harmony in life and work over balance
• How to stop saying yes: Why no is your new power word
• How to fail confidently
• How to be a Better You at work

You will feel more:

• Confident in your own skills
• Ready to tackle difficult challenges and change with gusto
• Connected and in unison with your team
• Able to build stronger relationships
• Capable to lead your teams through adversity
• Able to envision and action next steps


Samantha presents in English


Samantha is a warm and engaging speaker who challenges and motivates. She delivers refreshing, direct and informative talks.


Authentic leadership, building better relationships, managing stress, building a portfolio career, finding happiness at work and increasing emotional intelligence & confidence.


An absolutely flawless talk. Loved her presentation, so much food for thought.


Samantha’s personable manner, and honest informative presentations really engaged the crowd and we found that people were very willing to speak about themselves and pose questions in a relaxed setting. We could instantly see how valuable it was to have someone who was qualified to talk on the very subjective topic of ‘happiness’.

Eleanor O’Leary, UK PR Manager, Innocent

Further information
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