Tracy Edwards MBE
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Round the World Yachtswoman and Subject of the Film 'Maiden'

Watch the Maiden trailer here.

Tracy Edwards has a lot to talk about! But she delivers the essence of her four decade rollercoaster ride in 45 minutes of compelling life and business lessons, fun and drama.

Tracy achieved international fame in 1990 as the skipper of the first all-female crew to sail in the Whitbread Round the World Race. After years of battling seemingly insurmountable odds to even get to the start line, Maiden won two legs and came second overall in her class — the best result for a British boat since 1977, and unbeaten to this day. Tracy was awarded an MBE and became the first woman to be awarded the Yachtsman of the Year Trophy in its 34 year history, plotting a course for others to follow. Her account of the experience, Maiden, was a Sunday Times No.1 bestseller for 6 weeks.

Tracy and her all-female crew then competed for the Jules Verne Trophy in 1998, for the fastest circumnavigation of the world with no stopping and no outside assistance. They broke 7 world records during the first half of their attempt, but were thwarted in their ultimate objective when their mast snapped in treacherous seas off the coast of Chile.

Tracy retired from round-the-world sailing two years later, when pregnant with her daughter Mackenna. She published her autobiography, Living Every Second, presented two National Geographic documentaries and managed Maiden II, the world’s first ever mixed-gender competitive sailing team.

She went on to work for CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection) as Project Manager for their International Youth Advisory Conference in 2007/08, in liaison with the UN, then graduated with a degree in psychology.

Maiden was found rotting in the Seychelles In 2011, and in 2014 Tracy began the process of bringing her home to the UK. Restored to her former glory, Maiden is now taking her iconic place in British maritime history, having embarked on a two-year global mission to raise funds for The Maiden Factor Foundation to encourage and facilitate the education of 130 million girls worldwide.

Tracy holds a unique position as a speaker, not least because she has experienced the devastation of defeat, financial ruin and despair as well as the elation of victory. The biggest lessons in life are learnt when things go wrong, and Tracy's battles to survive and excel provide a poignant, revealing and eloquent narrative. Above all, she has lost none of the sparkle, humour and warmth which make her such an inspirational presence.

Tracy presents in English.


Enthusiastic, passionate and energetic. Just right for the audience. Left us feeling inspired to face the challenges ahead and we are in awe of Tracy and her team.

Virgin Cosmetics Company

The sheer enthusiasm and drive to achieve goals inspired the audience. A lot of tired people were suddenly very much awake!


Thank you so much for speaking at our Inspirational Speaker event yesterday afternoon. This event received one of the highest attendance we have seen for many months!  It was incredibly refreshing to hear you speak so candidly about your experiences. We received very positive feedback on your stories, and overall attendees were really inspired by your honesty and openness. Your energy is infectious!

HSBC, Gender Parity Group

She provided just the perfect balance of motivation laced with humour and appropriate contextual examples………..she managed to uplift us all!

Proctor and Gamble

Tracy’s presentation was extremely interesting, lively and relevant. Given the time restrictions Tracy was able to cover all aspects of team work, change and leadership in a very funny and rewarding way. 

Nationwide Building Society

Very focused presentation from a very determined achiever, very vivid, practical demonstration of management in action, a fascinating insight into life as an ocean racer, useful and valued reminder of how to succeed.


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